Strawberry yoghurt Ice cream

It is Strawberry season in England, Wimbledon has just finished and all the farmers markets are packed with punnets of local strwaberries. My father in law popped round last night with a large punnet of home grown strawberries ( and a few sticks of rhubarb). When faced with this glut I usually make Strawberry Jam but I thought I would make Strawberry yogurt Ice cream instead, having just been to Italy and not having readjusted to missing my nightly ice cream fix.

There had also been a promotion on Total greek yoghurt and I was up to my eyes in the stuff so here is what I did


punnet of strawberries chopped roughly in a pan with two tablespoons of vanilla sugar, gently heat till sugar dissolves (add a dash of balsamic vinegar) allow to cool then add pot of greek yoghurt (500g). In the meantime whisk two egg whites with a tablespoon of sugar untill it forms soft peeks.

Get ice cream maker and add yoghurt strawberry mixture, after this has churned for 5 mins add the egg white. My ice cream maker turned this into ice cream in 20 mins.

This is the best Strawberry yogurt Ice cream ever, it is healthy(ish), fruity and simple – go on have a go. I have experimented with full fat and 2% fat and both are fine. They do produce a 0% fat which is supposed to crystalise too much, though I am going to give it a go.

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