Homemade Goats curd

goats curd
goats curd

Homemade Goats Curd

Take advantage of the Autumn sunshine to make homemade goats curd cheese. Simple to do and if it isn’t sunny you can make it indoors.


  • 1l goats milk
  • juice of a lemon
  • tbsp of rennet
goats curd

goats curd

To make homemade goats curd first warm the milk to 37 degrees (barely warm). Pour all the ingredients into a bowl. Cover and leave in the sun till it curdles, (an hour or three) strain through muslin over a bowl in the fridge overnight. When you pull back the muslin you will have a soft jelly like curd, add salt. I like to use it in a salad with figs, almonds and watercress or simply spread on toast mmmm

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