The art of souvenirs

Timorous BeastiesThere seems to be a return of the souvenir plate. I have been admiring the work of Timorous Beasties for some time, it is art on wallpaper the intricacies of image and the hidden images are tantalising. My first encounter with Timorous Beasties ceramics was at the Scottish show where I picked up all 6 of their souvenir mugs since then I have coveted their tiles, plates and other mugs. 

Timorous Beasties Scottish Mugs

Like the back of a sunday newspaper magazine I want the whole collection in 24 easy payments and display them for evermore. Timorous beasties led me to People will always need plates , the use of iconic modernist buildings as images is wonderful. We recently drove over to Sheffield at 9am on a saturday so that we could get a souvenir mug and plate of the twin cooling towers (the money being raised is to help turn the towers into an art gallery rather than be merely destroyed). We were very smug until we arrived and saw the queue, after 2 hrs they had sold out of all the ceramics and we left empty handed.

Sheffield twin towers

This obsession with buildings on plates hasn’t been sated though and now I am getting itchy fingers at the latest collection for Liverpool city of Culture. There is something so inherently naff about collecting souvenir mugs and plates and that is why it is so cool.

 Liverpool city of culture

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