strawberry and cream


So junk shop is the new luxury Рthe cult of thrifty, vintage, reworked does not come cheap though. This site has a wonderful collection af treats and ideas with a handcrafted twist for all the home fashionistas out there. have a look at strawberry and cream . Currently the favourite site of many a magazine editor.


  • mary comfort stevens says:

    hi, thea! your mom sent me your blogsite some time back, but it’s only this evening that i’ve really had time to sit down and wander through it — WOW, what a treasure-trove! where do you FIND this stuff, and how do i keep up with you? i’ll need to send your site on to my brother and several friends, i can tell already!

    we miss your mother, and headingley, and the granbies…….. and you, and joe, and yorkshire, and so on! am eating a yorkshire parkin biscuit (grandma wild’s) that friends sent us in a christmas parcel, and feeling quite homesick for leeds…….


    • happenupon says:

      Thanks Mary, we all miss you too. Who else would persuade the local pub to cook their Turkey – nothing ever seemed to daunt xx love to all

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