Soup Journey

How did this happen?
One day I was busy running a digital and design team, the next thing I know I am writing about soup.
It started with me giving my job up. I was searching for inspiration and creativity. I felt I needed to start a new journey, and I needed nourishment. After the initial buzz of freedom, I began to look at what I should do, nothing seemed to interest me.  As I had more time, I began a pottery course hoping it would keep me busy whilst waiting for inspiration to strike, but no inspiration struck. I also began to dedicate more time to my first passion cooking.

I decided to start make fresh soup, for my husband, for lunch. I knew how hard it was to eat healthy food at work and how dull sandwiches can get.  Always spotting an opportunity, our friend Ally asked if I could make her soup too.  All three of us ate soup every day for lunch and were amazed as we started to lose weight, feel healthier, and enjoyed the variety of a different lunch every day. Before I knew it word got out and everyone wanted some of my magic soup and I found myself making large vats of soup every day.

So I would like to thank all my Soupies who have tried, tested, commented on and refined these soups. Big kisses to Paul, Xtine and Ally, and much love to Alex Heaton, Karen Lewis, Karen Boswell, Ian Rossin, Christine Osborne, James Wheatley, Harriet Hughes-Payne, Caroline Skipsey, John Morgan, Angela Friscuolo, Lynn Haynes, Helen Collier, Charlotte Moody, Leah Kayles, Claire Robinson, Leanne Elgy, Jodie Richmond, Andrew Brown, Julie Hanson, Ruth Holgate,  Claire Thackray, Anne Kelly, Gaby Ferry and everyone else who has given me such lovely feedback and encouragement.

All the photos, recipes and some of the pottery featured in this blog were created by me (so the pottery is coming in handy).   I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy creating it. I never thought I would be doing this! Not sure if this is my new journey but it is a great experience.

Finally three top tips:
1) Get yourself a stick, hand blender. There is nothing more annoying than forever pouring boiling soup from pan to jug to pan    – nightmare. Instead buy a good hand blender and stick it straight into the pan, see how easy is that.
2) Cheat and use Marigold vegetable stock. It is natural, tasty and very easy.
3) The soups all feed four hungry people, or six not so hungry.


  • andjambro says:

    hooray soup.

  • happenupon says:

    indeed – you are just happy as you are name checked!! lol T x

  • Ally says:

    I made Pea & Mint soup the other day from your recipe and it was gorgeous. I now need a reeeaaaally big pan, so I can make big batches :-)

  • Charlotte says:

    I can heartily recommend these soups – the most amazing I have ever tasted. And that’s saying something when you’ve grown up on a farm with fresh food from the garden and a mother like Ma Larkin!! (sorry Mum)

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