Simon’s Cat

When I first watched this, my cat came in the room to see me, heard simon’s cat meowing and went and investigated by sitting in front of the screen hitting the cat.

The animation is minimal and captivating (especially if you are a cat it seems). Not surprisingly Simon’s cat won the British animation award 2008 for best comedy for Cat man do¬†. It is produced by Tandem films by director Simon Tofield

Simon’s cat got some airtime yesterday with a feature on the culture show – watch again.

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  • Harriet says:

    Imagine my surprise when, only 15 minutes after watching this, someone else in my office who sits about 10 desks away started watching it too…. when i first heard the meowwing i immediately scanned everyones screens to see who else was as cool as my friend Thea, imagine my surprise when i found out it was a girl called Tia! Could there be any more coincidences? No, she found it somewhere else and doesnt know Thea… but still…

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