Posters for designers

So excited can hardly type! Found this great Fench website Harmonie Interieure . First I was drawn in by the limited edition prints (see above) my favourite is designers are meant to be loved not understood. After getting giddy I started looking around and got drawn into their stickers. There are loads of different sticker or decal sites around but there is something very sexy about these ones, helped by the fact that they can be selected in one of 58 colours. 

Have a look see if you can escape without buying – they say you can even stick them on your car?! not risking it myself but happy to help decorate somebody elses car! 

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  • Harriet says:

    Oh you’ve started something here!
    I’ve been trawling through this website for ages and my bum has is numb… these stickers are amazing…. why now when i’m in a rented home for the first time ever??? Darn it. Great find – well done xxxxxxxxx

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