Neal’s Yard Guardian disaster


You can imagine the thoughts – Neal’s Yard “lets do an online chat on the Guardian website. We will get loads of free space and people can ask how to use our products. It will be useful and informative”┬ábut in reality a PR disaster which was then mismanaged by them and allowed to build into the funniest collection of coments online. It starts off seriously and then descends into hilarity – the Guardian closed the post after a couple of days but it still lives on in Cyberspace.


  • Harriet Hughes-Payne says:

    As Client Director for Unilever I find this very interesting. We are continually looking for ways in which to surface the positive conversation for Unilever brands/products to its consumers and show how they are trying to progress into a Believable parent brand. It is likely that their contraditions (such as Dove campaign for real beauty vs Lynx campaign for female objectivity) will likely shadow any positive stories they would like to demonstrate………… tricky.

  • Harriet Hughes-Payne says:

    PS: clearly the issue here is the lack of response by NYR …..

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