Kitchen Before and After

Kitchen Before and after – in progress

Thought we would update you on the kitchen before and after project. You have seen the before photos, now it is time for the during and hopefully soon the after!. Ripping out all the old kitchen and starting to install the new one we discovered a few disasters along the way. The biggest problem was  that the washing machine had become disconnected and instead of draining to the outside it had in fact just been emptying into the void beneath the floor for at least the last three years. When we lifted the floor (there was a smell which we thought might be a dead animal) we were knocked out by the stench and could see over a foot of stagnant soapy water under the floor. This all had to be pumped out before we could continue. We were using carpenters to build the kitchen and this meant they had some interesting solutions to problems which all seemed to involve wood. Instead of getting the walls all replastered we had mdf boards put up, these acted as extra insulation and also as a means of supporting the shelves that were going to cover all the walls.



All the kitchen ripped out, you can still see bits of the old kitchen backing board.





The washing machine that caused all the problems and in the far left corner you can see where the floor was lifted to investigate.



Starting to install the new carcasses and taking the back door off so we can convert it to a stable door (a door that is cut in half) so that we can let some fresh air in without letting the dog out.

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