Wise old bird


Sometimes you realise that you have been getting obsessed by something, once upon a time it was angels, then it was butterflies and now I realise I have become transfixed by Owls. The image above is by Catherine Ledner and is from her book Animal House . She is a US based photographer and has  recently made the images available as limited edition prints from her site. The photographs feature pictures of animals in interiors from hedgehogs to vultures. The mix of photography and wonderful graphic wallpaper make this a future classic. The owl next door is a one of the Leeds Owls.

Other owl related items that have recently caught my eye include these owl lavender bags  by Bristol’s eco friendly designers Pouch

Tried bidding on this fellow on ebay but he flew too high for me. He is a 1970’s jar, where his head is the lid. I have also produced my own money box


Fortunately I do have a toikka barn owl and a wedgwood owl (this is not a great shot as he looks better in the flesh)


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