Wild Garlic Soup Anthony’s Restaurant Leeds

Wild Garlic Soup by Anthony’s Leeds

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I was intrigued to see this recipe published by Anthony Flinn of Anthony’s restaurant. He is a fine chef and I have greatly enjoyed eating at his Boar Lane restaurant many times (and look forward to trying out his fine dining at the Piazza). Wild garlic is a fabulous ingredient and grows round here (Leeds, UK) in abundance. Often, when taking a walk through the woods in Spring , I have picked bagfulls of the stuff so I can  use it to stuff a chicken before roasting.

When the wild garlic starts appearing  I will make this soup (still a bit early in March for wild garlic more like April). However, for me it has far too much butter, milk and cream, all of which make it too rich for a lunchtime soup, maybe as a very small portion if entertaining. So I will omit the cream and the milk, instead use vegetable stock  and reduce the butter by half,  but when I serve up I may possibly  drizzle some double cream on as a garnish.

Anthony’s Wild Garlic Soup

This is a really simple delicious recipe, it only takes 15 minutes to make and it feeds four, so its perfect for a quick lunch

To Make 4 Portions You Will Need

80gr Diced Shallots

120g Potato, peeled & diced

240g Celeriac

600ml Milk

200ml Double Cream

160g Wild Garlic

100g Butter

A Twist of lemon

A Sprig of thyme

Boil the potatoes and celeriac until cooked. Sauté off the shallots in a little olive oil. Add the thyme and butter. Once the butter has melted, add the garlic leaf and stir until fully wilted. Add the cooked potato and celeriac to the pan with the milk and cream. Bring to a simmer. Place the soup in a blender. Add a twist of lemon, salt and pepper and blend until smooth. Serve warm with some crusty fresh sourdough from our bakery at the Piazza and a drizzle of olive oil.

via Anthonys Restaurant Leeds | 19 Boar Lane | The Corn Exchange | The Victoria Quarter.

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