Violet love

That sick taste of parma violet sweets the worst sweets in the world



But after a run in with a box of rose and violet creams  by Rococo(I love rose chocolate but people think I mean that I love rose creams, which is not the same and I don’t, but they buy me them occasionally and I then eat them occasionally) which although my most hated type of chocolate violet cream (yuch!) became quite addictive (I had to keep trying till I finally liked them) .

roseandviolet chocolates

Then at The Blind Swine in York they served me an Azuleta gin and tonic. Well I love Gin and Tonic so I took a big sip to discover that it tasted of Violets and this time I was hooked, it was herbal and dry not sickly and sweet. Since then I have discovered  violet essence which I like to add a couple of drops into a Gin and Tonic at home.



and now from the same company Uncle Roy’s I have managed to get real sugared violet petals, made by hand in France. Think I am getting hooked




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