Umbria and Tuscany Food specialities to bring home

Umbria and Tuscany travel
Tuscany a view over Montepulciano

Umbria and Tuscany food specialities

Just back from a weeks trip to Italy (Tuscany and Umbria) where we brought back lots of foodie goodies. First thing we cooked from all the ingredients was a vegetable soup. We used the Faro from Umbria, some pancetta from Umbria and drizzled with some extra Virgin olive oil from an organic farm in Orvieto Umbria . None of this food was particularly expensive, it is just hard to get hold of at the same quality in the UK.

Umbria faro spelt soup

Soup with faro and extra virgin Olive oil from Umbria

The secret to bringing back lots of foodie goodies is to plan ahead. I had a list in my head of the basics I wanted to buy plus room for some things I happened upon along the way.

If you keep within the EU you can bring almost anything back as long as it is for your own consumption.  Sorry my American friends you are not allowed to bring most of this back. Make sure if you are flying  that you have lots of spare baggage allowance, one day I plan to get the ferry and drive over so I can pack the car up to the roof!. We were allowed 22kg each, so on the way out our bags only weighed 15kg each and we had hardly any hand luggage. On the way back most of our clothes were in our hand luggage and our suitcases were packed full of food goodies as you are not allowed liquids in your hand luggage over 100ml and this of course includes wine and Olive oil but also honey, jam and I have no idea about pate!

Food specialities from Umbria and Tuscany include

  • salami
  • sausages
  • pancetta
  • wild boar lomo
  • fresh parmesan
  • vin santo
  • several bottles of red wine from Tuscany mostly Montepulciano
  • several bottles of white wine from Umbria mostly from Orvieto
  • Local fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • porcini mushrooms
  • truffle honey
  • chestnut flour
  • faro (spelt)

What would you bring back home with you if you could?

Umbria and Tuscany food specialities

Drinking Montepulciano in Montepulciano

Orvieto wine

drinking Orvieto wine in Orvieto


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