the wish game

Have you ever wished your life was different? well here is a lovely forum thread called the corrupted wish game

Essentially, one person tells one of their wishes, and the following person twists and corrupts it away from the original intent. This is a great exercise in perspective–what looks great at first often ends with terrible implications.


Ehdom: I wish I could fly.
mmmouthwash: wish granted, but now you can’t land.

mmmouthwash: I wish I could turn invisible.
Ehdom: Wish granted, but now you can’t see anything else while invisible.

Ehdom: I wish I could remember all of my dreams…
MisSarah: Wish granted, but now you can’t wake up.

MisSarah: I wish I could understand physics.
Anna: Wish granted, but now you can’t understand anything else.

Anna: I wish I could never look aged.
Luminara: Wish granted, but everyone will think you are 12.

Luminara: I wish I could read minds.
StephanieK: Granted, now you can’t read anything but minds.

StephanieK: I wish I was not afraid of anything.
nevaordinarie: Wish granted, now your dead…

nevaordinarie: I wish I could discover another world…
Ehdom: Wish granted, but there is nothing there, and you can’t get back.

Ehdom: I wish I could slow down time…
Luminara: Wish granted, but now you will age 10 times faster than everyone else.

VincentCharon: I wish I knew everything…
Richard A.: Wish granted, but now you can’t explain anything to others.

check it out on project sidewalk

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  • Harriet says:

    Don’t get me wrong, its good to gain perspective…….. but “wish granted but now you are dead” is a cop out and could apply to all wishes! :)

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