The Reliance Bar and Restaurant Leeds


Just eaten the most delicious meal at The Reliance.

For starters we had the charcuterie board which was homemade coppa, tuscan salami and pork and wild mushroom pate. Now just think about that for a moment how many places do you know where they cure their own meats? not only that but they have also begun selling them at farmers markets and to other bars (friends of ham). The charcuterie was delicious. The other half had pigs cheek with truffled white beans, which was fantastic and he snaffled it down in record time. The pigs cheek was meltingly tender.

scotch egg

For main I went for two small plates one of pigeon with lentils and the other was a scotch egg with homemade piccalilli. A scotch egg is a picnic staple in the uk, it consists of an egg rolled in sausagemeat, and then covered in breadcrumbs. Piccalilli is an old British Raj interpretation of an Indian chutney. It is made from cauliflower, mustard and turmeric amongst many other things, and at it’s best is hot tasting and crunchy. Needless to say The Reliance also make their own chutneys, as well as curing meats and fish, and it was the best Piccalilli I have ever eaten.

The other half had homemade saffron linguine with clams, garlic and parsley, I can’t tell you how good that was because he polished it off before I got chance!

The bill with craft ale and a bottle of wine came to £60. We love you reliance, brilliant. I am now going to go off and make some Piccalilli chutney…

the reliance restaurant

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