Staal Smoked Salmon sandwich

staal smoked salmon sandwich
staal smoked salmon sandwich

Staal Smoked Salmon Sandwich

Just popped into Haley and Clifford’s in Leeds to see what goodies they had. Amongst many treats the thing that caught my eye was the Staal smoked Salmon. I love a bit of smoked fish (and i was fighting off the urge to have fish and chips for lunch).

I was seduced by three things

  1.  the Scandinavian sounding name,
  2.  it was made in Yorkshire
  3. Haley and Clifford’s have a strong Jewish following and therefore they would only stock the very best smoked salmon.
staal smoked salmon

staal smoked salmon

At home I quickly rustled up a fantastic sandwich with what I had in the fridge.

I used quark, freshly ground black pepper, smoked salmon, cucumber and a tiny squeeze of lemon juice it was delicious. The smoked salmon was very good and I will be definitely buying more. On reflection if i made the sandwich again i would add a sprig of dill but maybe that would be gilding the lilly?! Staal smokehouse are based in Beverley in East Yorkshire.

sandwich being made

sandwich being made


  • Aww- glad you enjoyed. Great smoked salmon! Very happy to be able to source such excellent quality in Yorkshire.

  • Justin Staal says:

    Delighted that the smoked salmon went down so well, personally I would hold of the dill and save that for the gravadlax that we do. Great blog by the way, am making sure that my wife reads up on Seville Marmalade as last year’s batch was a disaster. If you find yourself in Beverley please drop by the smokehouse.

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