Shoes and architecture

First there was drawings of buildings on clothes . Now shoes are being designed by architects.  I am not a shoe crazy person but these are jaw dropping, designed by Zaha Hadid (reknowned architect) for Melissa shoes ( who are also doing some cute shoes with Vivienne Westwood). I know they would look great with my Pink tights come September. I am going to get my friend Harriet to queue up for these as they are only available in London over Fashion week in Dover Street market.

Hadid is quoted as saying “I have 30 years of research on different areas of architecture and design and this was a very challenging project, not only in design, but on the technical side. But I worked very closely with Melissa to transform my design into reality,”.

The curvature of the limited-edition shoe is familiar from many recent projects by Zaha Hadid Architects, including the new London Aquatic Centre. “The fluidity of our design combined perfectly with the technology of Melissa’s plastic, injecting pieces without closures or seals,” says Hadid.

They have even made a giant pair of the shoes which is on display in the Melissa shop in Brazil – mmm

via dazed digital

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