Sew amazing

My sewing heritage – mum cheated at her dressmaking o’ level and got her mum to make her blouse. She can’t face sewing anything as it brings back nightmares of standing on a kitchen table being stabbed with pins by her mother.  My gran (she who helped my mum to cheat and stabbed her with pins) was great with the sewing machine and used to make loads of wedding dresses, suits, jackets, curtains and all my party dresses when I was a child (she never stabbed me with pins but I was 200 miles away).

I have dabbled with making things on the sewing machine but honestly me and the sewing machine have never really got on, mum was no help she just agreed,  and Gran would only offer to do it for me – which isn’t the point. The tension was always the problem – I was always tense whilst the sewing machine had none. I have moved on from these tension issues and due to being seduced by Clothkits to buy a ‘make your own skirt’ by Rob Ryan, I  decided to try and make friends with my sewing machine again.

I am pleased to announce we are now in love. The tension problems have all but disappeared and we are working together in harmony. I have made the clothkits skirt ( fabulous material, easy to make, bit of a boring ‘A’line shape skirt though).


I then went and found one of my favourite skirts and created a pattern from that and made the skirt you see below.


The material was from Ikea and the total cost was £3.00. I even wore it to Girl Geek dinners that evening. I have also made a really cute cuddly chicken and just beginning a new skirt with a different pattern with some other material from Ikea ( my new favourite material people).


 So if a cackhanded person like me can do it, you can all do it –  it is cheaper than primark and the only slave labour used is your own!

Anybody got any top tips for me? (apart from I should tidy the spare room before I try and take photos in a mirror)


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