Weekend city break – Seville

A weekend city break in Seville is a great idea. Seville is home to Flamenco, bullfighting, Carmen the Opera, the Alcazar, and my favourite the Tapas. Tiny bars packed to crushing point with people spilling out onto the streets. Instead of a waiter taking an order, you tell the barman and he/she chalks it on the bar where you are sat.  If you don’t like a bar move on, if it shuts move on, there are always other bars just round the corner.

We flew direct to seville airport (thankyou budget airline)  and then a quick cab to stay at San Andres Apartment which is in the centre of the old part of Seville but tucked away which made a great oasis from the hussle and bustle.

One of the things we always like when on a city break is a place to go and chill in the sunshine. This apartment has two terraces, a roof top hot tub, as well as a lovely shady day bed area we were in heaven.

In the evening wandering around eating tapas seems to be the best thing to do, it suits the temperature, you are on holiday so go to the places with the best ambiance. The apartment has a great list of all the best tapas bars but remember it is a weekend break not a treasure hunt! I have made us walk miles from one end of the city to the other just because they serve better meatballs only to find them shut.

In the evening, once the tourists have gone home, head to Santa Cruz, with its pretty old streets and hidden bars. One of my favourites claims to be the oldest bar in seville (has a plaque outside) and is no bigger than a shop window it sells vino de naranja which is dark brown, sweet and tastes of oranges. Served in shot glasses, staring up at the cathedral sipping orange wine is always a favourite for us.

Top Tips – take a horse and cart around the city it is a lovely way to travel a big distance without getting too hot! Go to the Cathedral and of course the Alcazar.

Cost – Well I think we managed to get the flights for about £70 each (check the link on the right for latest deals) and the apartment was 95 euros per night (min 3 night stay) so roughly about £340 for two (or £170 each for three nights of bliss in Seville)

Best time to go – April, May, September, October, November


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