School of life

This is a perfect Alice in wonderland moment. A shop has appeared in Bloomsbury called “the school of life”

 The purpose of the school is according to the website to …”offer intelligent instruction on how to lead a fulfilled life”. Sophie Howarth, its Director, aptly described the school/shop as “an apothecary of the mind” providing courses in “Love”, “Politics”, “Work”, “Family”, and “Play”, as well as arranging trips abroad with artists and writers; meals surrounded by interesting people; individual psychotherapy; and “Bibliotherapy…the perfect way for you to discover those amazing but too often elusive books that can transform and illuminate your life”. Sign up to their mailing list, lots of interesting things are bound to happen.

The people behind this include Alain de Botton, Geoff Dyer, Susan Elderkin, Tom Hodgkinson, Brett Kahr, Robert Macfarlane and Martin Parr.


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