Plates + skirts = brutal pleasure

I was going to post this earlier but then I got carried away actually ordering online for myself. Interestingly I am not sure whether I will make it up or just frame it as a strange work of art. If you too fancy wearing a picture of a brutalist building then off to clothkits for you. The design is by my favourite People will always need plates and is of Trellick tower in London. You can pick the skirt up in a number of colours I went for rubine red but I am already wondering if I should have gone for municiple green instead! Available on Pre order only, released on the 13th July.



  • Ally says:

    I like clothes that have something you can look at in more detail…like a work of art. I’m thinking of the picture you have in your dining room (the one like the Newcastle one). Would that work as a piece of clothing? It’s interesting, but possibling distracting in work meetings….Ian wore a t-shirt the other day that had an unusual design on the front. I spent the whole time staring at it…very happily trying to figure out what was going on…but not listening to anything anyone else said 😀

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