New Obsession with Jam and preserves

It used to be all about the soup but recently I have found myself becoming more excited by preserving.

It started a few years ago making my own marmalade. My mum has always made marmalade and so I thought I would give it ago, I then progressed to raspberry jam then strawberry jam. Then I began making my own sloe gin, then blackberry gin, raspberry vodka and now I can’t stop.

Being from Yorkshire and it being February I am going to make Forced rhubarb, rose and cardamom jam next. This is a soft set jam and I will use it to either spread on a cake or to top some yoghurt with a sprinkling of pistachios.

I am already planning what I will do after that so far the list is

– freezer jam – no cooking just use apple pectin to set (supposed to be great for strawberries and raspberries)

– raspberry and violet jam

– blackberry and sloe gin jam

– pear and chestnut jam

– apricot and lavender jam

– rose petal jelly

– earl grey tea jelly

– sweet blackcurrant vinegar

– pickled cucumber

– pickled garlic



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