Perfection in the imperfect

my favorite mug, originally uploaded by mav | port2port.

whilst hunting around flickr I discovered this wonderful handmade mug – it invites you to wrap your fingers around it. It is perfect in all its imperfection.

There seems to be a return to the handmade and the quirky. People want to bring the imperfect into their lives and homes, welcoming in a bit of soul. Some recent examples of this happening is the home collection for toast with a collection of hand pressed ceramics. Hand pressing only goes to accentuate the wobbles and the wonkiness especially when all glazed in soft muted colours.  Another example is soulestudio who are obviously inspired by nature to produce pieces that just make you warm inside. So embrace the imperfection, the wobble, the dribble.


  • Ally says:

    It’s a lovely mug…I would put my hands around it if it had tea in it :)

  • Caitlin says:

    I love the phrase “embrace the imperfection, the wobble, the dribble”. I’m going to adopt it as my mantra for this week. Watch out for my dribbling and wobbling! I think that beautiful mug looks uncannily like those adorable white pots you did before Xmas!

  • Tessa Bonnie Weber says:

    Great mug! Do you know who made it? I’m a potter and make both functional pieces as well as sculptures, feel free to check out my work! Great post! Thanks for sharing,
    Tessa B

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