Maps can be fun

Geography was never my subject so this map showing America overlaid with Europe put me in shock. We are tiny , really, really tiny they probably have trucks bigger than our cities! Shows that size isn’t everything (ha ha ha). Check out the website called radical cartography.

 It has some really interesting maps including this one showing places in Europe with a population of over 100,000 people joined by a straight line. I knew we were crowded in the UK but look how empty France is and Spain -hmm maybe Geography was more interesting than I thought.


  • andjambro says:

    That’s made more extreme by the fact that it’s the whole of North America though. The states seems to be probably only as big as Europe with the really astounding things being that Canada and Alaska seem huge. But then is that the ‘Greenland Effect’ where countries closer to the poles get stretched out when you try to make them flat?

  • happenupon says:

    I agree, I nearly put in the post about how different it would look if they didn’t cheat and include Canada but if they were going to have Canada could we included Russia, then changed my mind. You can see the American states but still . Anyway I just think maps are pretty.

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