Gin Rose and Rhubarb Cocktail


Gin Rose and Rhubarb Cocktail

We have a pop up gin bar in Leeds called Hogarth’s . We visited on the opening night and they served me a very good dry martini made from burleighs gin.  I love Gin, and always loved a Tanqueray and tonic (fevertree light, I am very picky about this!)  with lots of ice and a squeeze of lime, or sometimes a sprig of rosemary. Recently though, I have developed a taste for a very dry martini.

It started with attending Lattitude’s ginposium in 2013 (it has taken me two years to recover!) a guided tour through 30 gins, at which I think I tasted every one of them and all of them neat. A year later, once I had recovered, I had developed a taste for a dirty martini an interesting take is the shears yard dirty martini which features pickled turnip and its pickling juice!

I have now bought my own vintage cut glass martini glasses (smaller than a modern day cocktail glass) which I keep in the freezer so I am ready to go whenever I fancy a dry martini.

Perfect Dry Martini Recipe

1/8 tsp of Noilly Pratt

50ml Gin

Unwaxed Lemon

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, pour over the vermouth and stir coating the ice. Add the gin and gently stir again, leave to chill to the bone. In the meantime take your glass form the freezer, take a strip of unwaxed lemon peel (i use a potato peeler) and twist into the glass. Sometimes I cut two pieces of peel and rub one on the stem of the glass. Gently strain the Martini into the glass and enjoy.

Anyway I digress, at the ginposium I took along my own rose and rhubarb jam (I know weird) I hoped I could get one of the bartenders at The Maven to invent a COCKTAIL FOR ME, needless to say I succeeded.

rhubarb rose and cardamom jam

So here is the recipe for

Gin Rose and Rhubarb cocktail

12.5ml Cointreau

3tsp Rose and Rhubarb jam

37.5ml Jensens old Tom gin

20ml Lemon juice


Shake with ice and serve over  ice


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