Fancy a tattoo?

Johanna Basford is offering the unique opportunity to design a tatto for you. Her work is beautiful and it will make you exclusive and part of her portfolio


In the great tattoo project of 2009, I’m seeking one brave individual to go under the ink needle and become a human canvas.

The hand penned intricacies of my work lends itself excellently to the art of the tattoo, with the single colour motifs making for some pretty unique body art d├ęcor. I’m willing to sacrifice a lot for my art (sleep, new shoes, dates with my boyfriend – [only kidding!] ) but pain is just a step too far. Being a self confessed wimp, and having experienced the buzz of the tattoo pen once before – I was 18, rebellious and trying to prove a point…it was misguided. I’m categorically ruling out the use of my own hide in this creative process – I’d pass out before the job was done.

So, if you are considering a new tattoo and fancy something a little more unique than the average anchor or cherub, why not drop me an email. The artwork can be created to any size and scale depending on how much of your body you are willing to decorate. And if you have a particular theme you want to incorporate into my style of imagery, we can do this too. I’ll be creating something truly unique for you which you can then take to your trusted tattoo parlour of choice (I believe ones with motorbikes parked outside are best) safe in the knowledge that no-one else will have anything quite like it. You will become a living, breathing work of art!

I’ll be creating the artwork for free, no design charges, no fees, just the request that once the tattoo has settled down a bit (mmm, scabbing) that we can arrange a little photoshoot and get some snaps of the design on you.

Sound like something you would be up for? Drop me a line and we’ll talk tattoos.

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