Elderflower cordial

Homemade elderflower cordial recipe



The elderflowers are just coming out in Yorkshire and I so love the smell of them. This morning, whilst walking the dog in the park I picked some.

I want to make two things gooseberry and elderflower jam and gooseberry and elderflower muffins. Now I could make life simple and buy cordial but i thought I would make my own.

A note on elderflowers pick them when they have just opened and are still white (not yellow) as they can start to smell of cat pee!

The recipe is simple as long as you can get citric acid. We have a continental supermarket that stocks everything you could imagine from jaggery to palm sugar to citric acid, but otherwise you should be able to get it from a chemist.

Boil 750ml water with 750g sugar till dissolved
Put 20 sprigs of elderflowers in a large bowl
Take two lemons and peel the zest put this in the bowl with the elderflowers and slice the two peeled lemons and add these too
Dissolve 35g citric acid into the sugar water mixture and pour over the lemons and elderflowers
Cover with a tea towel and put somewhere dark for 24 hrs

You then strain the cordial and bottle it or in my case cook with it.



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