The rise of DIY design and craft is everywhere. Blame the credit crunch or maybe people want to be more directly involved in their lives again and don’t want to just purchase it off the shelf. I am still wondering if I have the talent for these things(or is that the patience) some of my favourite finds are the egg box light

brought to you by addicted2decorating. Using old paper egg cartons you create this wonderful light.

they were also responsible for my other favourite – the drinking straw light, which could be made to suit your style – modern¬† – use clear straws, romantic –¬† use white straws, funky – use coloured straws

get full instructions here

then there is the old tights into necklace sent to me by my friend Gaby from a blog called smagglestyle

learn how to make it here.

what are your favourite DIY projects? promise I won’t steal them and mass produce them for sale on etsy!!

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