Clouds are the new owls

So fickle am I, last month I was wildly going on about how brilliant owls were and how I couldn’t get enough and yet here I am four weeks later turning my attention to clouds. can’t track down where the first is from, it is like trying to follow a virtual trail of breadcrumbs and I have lost my way best I could get to is here. The second is by Keep calm gallery and the third is by my favourite cross stitcher Chezsucre¬†. Which remeinds me need to write a blog about that Keep calm and carry on poster – watch this space


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  • Harriet says:

    i bought the keep calm and carry on poster last month – its awaiting framing – i bought it as a ‘vintage find’ and am beginning to see it everywhere! i couldnt believe it when i saw all those colour iterations on Keep Calm Gallery!
    …. what are your comments on this poster – is it passe already – damn it its not even on the freaking wall yet!!!!!

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