Chocolate and spice and all things nice.


Just spotted Bloomsbury and Co chocolate. Quirky wrappers some with pharmaceutical type labels – girth control, Bochox, dechox, oral pleasure. Checked out the website and they are definitely a fun bunch – based in New Zealand.

Americans all rave about this chocolate but hey they like Hershey bars – yuch yuch. Actually I take that back as I still have sleepess nights thinking about  mariebelle hot chocolate. We happened upon this place in SoHO New York and fell in love with the place (looking on their site I think they have grown since I went 4 years ago). Bought a small tin home to the UK not thinking much of it. When I tried it I was in heaven – I have so many different real flake hot chocolates but this was the best and you could make little creme de chocolates. If you live in America then buy this stuff by the bucketloads.

I like a good 60% plus but will be persuaded by rococo to eat any of their chocolates (I draw the line at white chocolate though). My favourites, so far, of the artisan bars are sea salt, rose and cardamom.

A recent find in our farmers market was Lauden, who make the most exquisite chcolates, all hand made and I recommend the pistachio cups (ganache in a dark chocolate shell with nibbs of bright green pistachio. So if you go to Mariebelle for me I will go to Lauden for you – only available in Leeds and York. 

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