Celeriac and Thyme Soup

Celery and celeriac are ingredients that everyone goes “I don’t like them” and yet they love this soup. Celery makes the base for nearly all my soups and this is a delicious creamy soup with a hint of nutmeg and lots of fresh thyme – I love this soup it is magic and has so few calories that you probably burn up more calories eating it than consuming it!


250g Celeriac diced

4 sticks celery diced

Onion diced

1.2l Vegetable Stock

25g Butter

Bay leaf


Fresh thyme

Salt and pepper


Melt the butter and add half the thyme, the celeriac, onion and celery cover with a lid and sweat for 15 mins. Add the bay leaf, a few gratings of nutmeg and the vegetable stock . Simmer for 30 minutes remove the bay leaf, then blend, check the seasoning it needs quite a lot of black pepper and garnish with fresh thyme leaves.

Health benefits

Celery is great, it makes you wee loads (which is good if you suffer from water retention girls) lowers your blood pressure and lowers your cholesterol . Celery also contains compounds called coumarins that help prevent free radicals from damaging cells, thus decreasing the mutations that increase the potential for cells to become cancerous. Coumarins also enhance the activity of certain white blood cells, immune defenders that target and eliminate potentially harmful cells, including cancer cells. In addition, compounds in celery called acetylenics have been shown to stop the growth of tumour cells.

Thyme is the abracadabra of this soup as it contains the oil thymol. Thymol has been shown to stop your brain, kidney and heart cells from aging. It is also an antibacterial agent which means if you add it to a salad dressing it will kill off any nasty bacteria which could give you an upset stomach. .

Did You know…

The ancient Egyptians used thyme oil as an embalming agent to preserve their deceased pharaohs

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