Big spaceship philosophy

Here is an extract from Click NY – Big spaceship were one of the guests. Here are some of his words of wisdon on how to run an agency.

Big Spaceship is not a ‘web design shop”, not a full service interactive agency, not an ad agency and not a production company. Michael defines Big Spaceship as a digital creative agency, that creates engaging experiences for brands.

Some of Michael’s philosophies in running his company:

everyone’s creative! He despise the term ‘the creatives’.

small is good. (but it’s hard not to grow) scale can be the enemy of quality. creative is about culture.

don’t hire assholes! No amount of talent can compensate for the negativity that a Ass* brings to a work environment.

stay flat.

hire to be the dumbest person in the room. surround yourself with people that are smarter than you. somebody who is of excellence and passion.

experiment constantly

focus on culture

give autonomy. manage by exception.

Read about them at Big Spaceship and thanks Swissmiss for blogging it

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