Anthropologie and Cody Foster and co

What do you do when someone rips off your design idea?

Anthropologie is being cryptic on my Facebook feed something about respecting artists and designers and so they were no longer going to work with Cody Foster & co ?!.

Anthropologie Europe
After much investigative work, Anthropologie has decided to sever its relationship with Cody Foster & Co. With so many artists inside our organisation and with esteemed collaborators around the globe, we simply could not sell their decorations in good faith, and have subsequently cancelled plans to include their items in our Christmas collection, both online and in stores. You may still spot a decoration or two in featured press, but rest assured, none will be available for sale.
A big “thank you” goes out to our community for being so patient as we took to resolving this matter with due diligence and with time. With this closure, we look forward to embarking on a magical Christmas season together.

Well my interest was piqued and i did a little hunting around who is this naughty Cody Foster? what had they done? Turns out they make very cute decorations for the home. They are a wholesaler who sells to the like of Anthropologie, Fab and Nordstrum, however it turns out that they have been taking a little bit too much inspiration from designers and artists and reinterpreting them into decorations without talking to the designers and seeking their permission. So how close a copy are they? well pretty much exact copies. Read this great article and I also went and had a look at Cody and fosters website but it is all very secretive no products to browse. I am all for taking inspiration but to steal and get it manufactured cheaply on an industrial scale is just not right. 



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