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Happen upon is a place for the curious, a place to potter.

Started in 2008, and based in the UK (Leeds to be precise) run by Thea Mallett. Happen-upon is a lifestyle blog about food, travel and design. I have published my own book of soup recipes and even ran my own pop up soup company, dabbled in pottery as well as heading up a design agency and a digital agency. The photography is all taken by me (well okay sometimes Mr Happen Upon) so my copyright on all images.

The sort of things I am interested in covering

  • Food - recipes, reviews, products, new trends, gin and maybe the odd competition
  • Design - new lighting, interiors, artworks, innovations, home style. gadgets and anything to do with dogs!
  • Travel - living in Leeds it means we have great access to Europe from our local Leeds Bradford Airport and the rest of the world from Manchester airport. Use a mixture of low cost airlines, package holidays and scheduled flights. Most used airlines include Jet2, Qatar, Emirates and American Airways. Recently I have been to India, Italy, Sri Lanka, Gambia, glamping in a yurt in Northumberland. Holidays in the UK are always dog friendly

After studying History of Design at Manchester University I worked in advertising before settling into design both on and offline, running a successful design and digital agency, now I am a freelance consultant, and provide digital content for a few brands (photos, recipes,ideas) If you want to contact me email

I would love to hear from you if you are an artist, a manufacturer, a restaurant, a shop, a writer, a cook, a chef, a retailer, an agency, a client, a designer, an airline, a travel company, a hotel, or just curious, until then enjoy reading the blog.